Marine Drive

Deep Blue Sea with utmost Reach and Beauty !!  That is what I was thinking when I first saw Queen’s Necklace. Marine Drive, a very soothing and the nicest place to visit in Mumbai and which is what everyone calls “Queen’s Necklace”.

My first travel story is about a recent trip I took to the city of dreams in India – “MUMBAI”. Mumbai, a city where hundreds of starry-eyed dreamers live and the city always manages to return a gift to these dreamers. Mumbai always helps the lost to find out “what they actually want with their lives” and I am the living proof of this fact as this city made me realize that writing is my true passion. So, let’s get started


My Favorite Attractions :-

Gateway of India

Gateway of India

You can get all the patriotism you want, by looking at the Gateway of India. The view always mesmerizes thousands of people who visit Gateway of India every day to witness its beauty. The Taj Hotel beside Gateway of India bring back the memory of 26/11 when hundreds of people were kept hostage and the Indian army stunt of rescuing those people was way beyond a salute. I, actually like these patriotic places as it always helps to remind me the fact that thousands of people sacrificed their lives to won freedom and it’s really important to respect their efforts .

I took a ferry ride from Gateway of India and witnessed the vast beauty of the sea but, I advise you to take this ride during sunset as you can see the glittering lights around the seashore.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST)


CST always reminds me the fact that how you can give all the modern look to the oldest architecture of the city. This place is filled with all kinds of oldest building and architecture but the most important fact is that how they turned out to be the part of the modern societies. You can also testify various graffiti on the walls as a proof of creativity.


Elephanta Caves-

The Elephanta caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island near Mumbai harbor. These caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, is one of the oldest architecture built between the 5th and 8th century ago. You can take a ferry ride to these caves from Mumbai harbor and scan the whole decency of these caves. I, personally like the whole viewpoint of these caves as the caves has a picturesque environment.


Marine Drive-

Marine drive

Marine drive

Marine Drive, which is often called as “Queen’s Necklace” is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. The whole sight of this place is so beautiful, mesmerizing and soothing that forbid me to leave its sight. You can always witness the best view of this place at night and you can also get the best taste of “Kerry (Small pieces of raw mangoes with a pinch of salt)” through the roadside sellers. I have taken like hundreds of  photographs of this place and unable to pick one as all the images are rare and depict the beauty of nature.


My Favorite Eating Spot :-

Bademiya, Colaba(Mumbai)

Bademiya is a well-renowned place to eat in Mumbai and it’s worth taking a shot at this place. You can get rich authentic Non-Veg dishes as well as Veg items here and the exotic taste makes you feel happy all over again. It’s a favorite spot for most of the travelers as it always comes under the bucket list of many travelers to try in Mumbai.

Price range: ₹900 for two people (approx.)

Location: Behind Hotel Taj Mahal,Tullock Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai.


Mumbai Barbeque

Mumbai Barbeque is another best place to try varieties of food items. It features varieties of cuisine and alluring ambiance, it’s worth spending money for a lunch/dinner right at this place. It comes from the finest places in Mumbai to eat and also proved to be the perfect place for foodies.

‎Price range: ₹1,800 for two people (approx.)

Location: Andheri West, Thane West.


Natural Ice Cream Mumbai:

Eating ice cream at this place was the best memory of this trip. It features a whole lot of varieties for an ice cream in here. From my personal experience, I would suggest you try walnut biscuit ice cream, mango biscuit ice cream as well. You can enjoy your ice cream by sitting beside the marine lines and it perfectly helps you to wither all the stress and makes you feel happy about Life also.

Price range: Rs. 150 for two people (approx.)

Location: Marine Lines, Mumbai


My favorite Shopping Center :-

 Colaba Mumbai

Being the very famous spot for shopping in Mumbai, it also provides the better environment for it. You can opt out for cheap jewelry over here and it comes with different-different varieties and design. I, personally like the whole street shopping culture over here and enjoyed every second of it. But beware of pickpocketing, as you don’t want to land yourself in any kind of trouble. Otherwise, it offers a nice spot for street shopping.


Hill Road Bandra

Hill Road Bandra, is another favorite spot for shopping and you can do every kind of bargaining with the seller. The cheap and good clothing is offered in here and you can get varieties of clothing line also. I remember my time of shopping at this place, this place left me with a bit of confusion about what to pick when everything offered here is nice.


Gateway of India


So in all, Mumbai is the nicest place to visit once in your lifetime and this city has its own ways of inspiring young people towards life. No one knows, what this city is capable for, as nobody left empty-handed from this city. There are many weekend Gateways around the city where you can wander around and witness the natural beauty. But, I will further update you about these weekend gateways in my another post. 


By the way, this is my first ever article please be easy on me.


Stay Tuned for more travel stories. 


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